"Art is a means of adventure and therapy for the mind."  Lamar Cole


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It is so nice to have you visit me on my website.  I just LOVE having company! 

It is hard to resist the sparkle of glass!  Or at least it has been hard for me these past 25 years.  I started my glass work in stained glass mainly with a bit of mosaic glass tossed in.  My current work is fused glass.  Fusing glass provides a whole new dynamic to glass allowing me the ability to do so much more with designs!  Of course, like any glass medium there are limitations, but such is with any adventure in life!

Each glass piece I create is hand made and different from the next.  I enjoy creating each unique piece of art and hope that you enjoy the time and passion put into each piece.
Glass is a wonderful medium to create art for your windows, platters for your tables and coffee tables, beautiful lamps for your home, clocks for your mantel, amazing items for your gardens, and where ever you want to add a sparkle to your life.

Feel free to roam the site and peruse the pieces.  Above are links to the pieces I have at Glass House Designs in Lowell, MI and Creative Corner in Holland, MI.  I have also provided a link to my etsy site for even more glass perusing!

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